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A Lava Heat Italia product is not only a statement of superior quality and function, but also of style and elegance that’s difficult to ignore. Equally impressive is its engineering and durability. The Lava Heat 2G, for example, is constructed from stainless steel, aluminum and powder-coated metal. It can stand up to all kinds of weather, generating heat and light even in pouring rain. And if the unit is compromised, it automatically shuts down. All Lava Heat Italia products are designed and constructed to provide years of service and enjoyment while being some of the safest—if not the safest—products of their kind on the market.





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Lava Heat Opus Propane Patio Heater

Lava Heat 2G Propane Patio Heater

Lava Heat Mini Propane Tabletop
Lava Heat Verona
Lava Heat Verona Propane Heater


Lava Heat Ember Collapsible Propane Heater
Lava Heat Verona
Lava Heat Sorrento Propane Heater









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Lava Heat Post Electric Commercial Heater

Lava Heat Wall-E Electric Commerical Heater




Lava Heat Misting Fans


Lava Heat Aviator X2

Lava Aire Aviator X2 Freestanding

Lava Aire FanTom Ultrasonic Misting Cooling Unit


Lava Aire Oasis Industrial Misting Fan



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