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Modern Fire 2 liter Ethanol Burner Bio Fireplace Insert 


The Builder Insert Line is a practical solution for professionals or home owners who seek technology that allows them to incorporate the elements of a smokeless fire. The growing demand for an easy solution to incorporate fire resulted in the creation of a set of inserts that can be used indoors and out.

The inserts are easy to install since there is no need for a chimney or vent. They also require little maintenance as all the inconveniences connected with a traditional fireplace such as cleaning the hearth of soot and ash are eliminated. The Builder Line was designed for individual projects to supply an easy solution for fire in any of today's interior spaces. Characteristics of the insert models are their comfort of use, with easy lighting, extinguishing and, depending on the model, flame regulation. The simplicity of creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere, within any residential or commercial space, with numerous advantages, gives interior designers a wide range of possibilities to incorporate a real fire with the use of these inserts.

Modern Fire 2 Liter Ethanol Burner Vent Free Build-In Fireplace Insert

This New addition to our Builders line of Bio-Fireplace inserts has clean flush mounted lines for a truly contemporary, sophisticated look. Relax and unwind as you watch the fascinating flames dance inside.

Made for new construction or remodels the Modern Fire Burner Installation is easy and no-venting is required. The 1.8 liter insert can be installed/dropped into any fireproof material such as brick, ceramic, stone, tempered glass, or building board. The flame is easily extinguished by closing the damper. Place one or several together for a wall of fire.

Perfect for lounges, bars, restaurants and residential spaces where the addition of vent free fire is desired..

Optional Accessories not included are Ethanol Bio-Fuel.

Modern Fire 2 liter Ethanol Burner Bio Fireplace Insert

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  Modern Fire 2 Liter Burner insert
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Please note your Bio-Fireplace Insert will NOT ship with Fuel. Make certain you include Bio-Fuel with your order.


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