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Stainless Steel Water Screen
shown here with backlighting (not Included)

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Watch the Water Screen® in action with our optional State-of-the-Art "Lite Graze®" lighting system

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Stainless Steel Freestanding Water Screen Stainless Steel Floor Fountain with New Pathoban System©

Go upscale with our best selling floor fountain, The Stainless Steel "Water Screen" free standing water fountain. Finely woven metal mesh makes this wall of water visually stunning as the flowing water creates incredible positive and negative patterns. Fully self-contained with a center mounted panel for double sided viewing pleasure. Removable basin covers keep debris, animals and children out of the water supply or flip the basin covers upside down to create a shallow shelf for decorative rocks, plants, candles, etc...

The fine screen allows light and shadow to pass through but obscures the view like a "veil", acting as a partition or room divider.

saniguard anti microbial coating

New Pathoban System©
This fountain is protected with "Saniguard" Anti-Microbial Coating and a submersible U.V. (Ultra-Violet) Filtration system to help keep your water feature free of bacteria, molds and viruses. This "PathoBan AG254 System" has been scientifically proven to be an effective method of controlling and disallowing the growth of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the water.

This truly is a most impressive water wall and perfect for office environments.


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Select from 3 standard sizes

7' ft. Tall #WS7
45" w x 84" h X 14" d
Actual Screen Panel is 36" wide

8' ft. Tall #WS8
57" w x 96" h x 14" d
Actual Screen Panel is 48" wide

10' ft. Tall #WS10
57" w x 120 " h x 14" d
Actual Screen Panel is 48" wide



Stainless Steel Water Screen 45" x 84" #WS7

Add This item to Your Shopping Cart   Sales Price: $ 5,660.00
    Stainless Steel Water Screen 57" x 96" #WS8
Add This item to Your Shopping Cart   Sales Price: $ 7,410.00
    Stainless Steel Water Screen 57" x 120" #WS10
Add This item to Your Shopping Cart   Sales Price: $ 11,550.00

Free Shipping on Any Order in the Continental US
Free Shipping anywhere in Continental US

Item Shipping
  Ships from our Warehouse in Width Height Depth
WS7 250 lbs 2-4 weeks


84" 14"
WS8 350 lbs 2-4 weeks


96" 14"
WS10 500 lbs 3-4 weeks


120" 14"

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