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Light Weight Slate Wall Mounted hanging Fountains
Light Weight Stone Wall Mounted Fountains
Light Weight Slate
Wall Mounted Hanging Fountains



Tabletop and Desktop Water Fountains
Tabletop Desktop Fountains



Fire Balls  for Gas and Propane indoor outdoor fireplaces and fire pits
Fireplace Accessories, including contemporary Fire Balls, Fire Stones and Fire Shapes for Venter Gas and Propane Fireplaces
Fire Balls mixed size sets
to fit fireplaces 18"-48" wide



Bubble Panels- Bubble wall- Bubble Colum
Bubblers, Bubble Panels
and Bubble Columns




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Proud to be an American Society of
Interior Designers Industry Partner



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Free Standing water fountains

relaxation tranquility calm

Freestanding Water Fountains or Floor Fountains are wonderfully versatile as they can be placed in so many areas of your home, garden, and even your business. The term "Floor Fountains" often refers to larger scale free-standing water features. Some designs can be viewed from all sides like clear glass fountains, while others have a clear front and back.

Standing waterfalls also called water walls can fill an empty corner, add needed height to a space, act as a sound buffer to mask unwanted noise (Floor fountains are idea for reception areas and waiting rooms) and always add interest and tranquility to any space.





Glass Floor Water Fountain




Acrylic Interior Floor Fountains





Water Treatments and Additives
Water Treatments and Additives
Additives and Water Treatments
for fountains, water gardens, bird baths,
pools and ponds




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